What is the most awful thing for a creative person?

Posted By on Jan 12, 2020

You might think that an absence of glory. There’s a myth between people that any creative human is suffering without fame, that we all need to be admired and adored. That’s not so. I mean probably some of us really need all that stuff but to the most – no. Moreover, a lot of creatives are quite modest and don’t like an excess of attention. We do it not for fame, we just can’t not to create.

The majority of people are absolutely convinced that this thing is the critique. That creatives are very painfully perceived any negative opinions about their art. That’s much closer but, again, far not all of us so inadequate. Those creative persons who have a working brain would be happy to get some constructive critiques. The problem is that so many critics have no idea what is that – the constructive critique. They for some reason think that any negative reaction is good without even an attempt to find the advantages in the artwork, and also don’t try to advise what exactly to fix.

So, what is that then? What’s the most awful for creative persons? I think that’s indifference. You see, almost every one of us make extraordinary efforts to create our artwork, to make it perfect (at least we always do our best to do so). For that, we learn and practice for years (and never stop either the first and the second one), we spend an endless amount of attempts, we critic ourselves mercilessly, we don’t notice time and inconveniences trying to perfect our artwork and to express ourselves in it in the best possible way…

Denis Churin photographer. Фотограф Денис Чурин

And after all that to face the indifference… This is the most terrible outcome.

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