Dreams Of The Old Garden

Once, in early autumn, I was walking around my city alone. I hadn’t anyone to walk with those days, so I made the company to myself, talking and mumbling something. That’s why I wasn’t boring and hadn’t difficulties choosing a theme for a chat.

Gradually, I got to The Summer Garden that was quite deserted for some reason. I decided to have a sit deep in the garden, thinking, dreaming, listening. Because I have a strangeness – absolutely always I hear some of my favourite music in my head. That day wasn’t the exclusion: I enjoyed with Adagio from Concerto in D Minor for harpsichord, oboe, and strings. BWV 1059 by my favourite classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Almost immediately after the music started in my head, strange things began to happen: city sounds almost disappeared, and everything around me (trees, statues, fences, and benches) became look just like in the old photos: in sepia-toned, contrasty and grainy. Moreover, there appeared semi-transparent walking figures of people dressed like at the end of the 18th-century. And all of it was lasting during I heard Bach in my head.

When the music stopped, everything around me blinked and returned to its previous condition: the world became coloured, figures disappeared, and modern city sounds returned. I wasn’t afraid, the opposite: I was completely charmed. I wanted to see it again and repeat those actions for many years, but nothing happened. Therefore, I just decided to make a photo series. The series by which I thank The Summer Garden for those visions, for its talk to me.

Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto in D minor. BWV 1059. Adagio

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