Unexpected life twist

Posted By on Nov 29, 2021

If you follow my blog here or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may know that I made a tutorial video some time ago. (If not and you are interested, you can watch it by clicking this link.) I thought that if I ever started to teach photography to someone, it would be a landscape one for people who love nature and are eager to take good photographs.

Denis Churin photographer. Denis Churin fotógrafo

I should admit that my first attempt in this field has failed. That photography talk hasn’t interested anyone. But I am going by bus from Lisbon at the moment. Today, I gave a photography and video masterclass to real estate agents. And unlike the video on my channel, today, it was paid work.

Whether I become a real estate agent tutor or do something else in photography, I have no idea. I only know that the best way to fill your life with impressions is not refusing the opportunities, it doesn’t matter how fearful they can look at first glance.

As it said in one of my favourite movies, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”: “You don’t have to be afraid!”

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