My entirely new art photo series

Posted By on Sep 1, 2016

Honestly, I don’t like phrases like “absolutely new Tiguan” or “revolutionary new Fusion Pro Glide”. Well, you think about how silly it sounds. Clearly, this is marketing, advertising and blah blah blah. But it still doesn’t smarter from it. They seem to admit that gave you just partly new, places updated model last time and their annoying ad made you buy it in the end. But this time this is a really new – now no nonsense! Oh well…

But as for my new photo series, it is appropriate to say “entirely new” because of my last series “The Beech Palace” were just edited this year but shooting took place six years ago. I told about it in details on “The Beech Palace” page. It different with the “Farewell To The Summer“. Everything is new in this series: I shot these photos about two weeks ago, edited them during these days and even my knowledge and skills applied – all these are new for me. And that’s why it so excited! 🙂

By the way, it happened quite funny. I went for a jog not in the morning but in the evening that day, almost at sunset, soon after the rain. And so, hot run and helplessly hanging on the bar 🙂 I suddenly noticed that there behind the forest where were deforestation during entire summer – there are an amazing sunlight and probably very beautiful subject. The subject I was looking for the whole summer: setting sun penetrate pine crowns by its rays.

I ran there and completely stunned. 🙂 That was exactly what I needed! So, I rushed not into the shower but for my camera and tripod in order to get back immediately. And here we go! Moreover, there was a not thick fog slowly creeping away from the outskirts (it showed on the first two photos) through the plot down to the marsh (on the rest photos starting from the fifth). Therefore, I would be glad if you look through and read: “Farewell To The Summer“.

Farewell to the Summer photoseries by photographer Denis Churin. Фотосерия Прощание С Летом. Фотограф Денис Чурин

P.S.: And here’s a long-promised little story about how I saw my new photography horizons. 🙂 Like many who have a hobby I stared at the ceiling in some moment. Of course, it was my personal intermediate ceiling. I mean I shot and edited photography not very bad. But it was really worse than professional photo craftsmen did and almost awful comparing to the real master’s works. And in the same time, I didn’t know how to improve my skills. A couple of years passed by so: I shot not often and the results were “so-so” and of course it didn’t excite me.

My best friend was dripping on my lazy and inert brain: “find some professional photographer’s tutorials, learn a new photo editing soft, do something but not be lazy or whine!” I nodded and agreed for a long time but didn’t do anything. And when the summer came this year, I finally decided to try. It doesn’t matter how, where, how fast and which of the photographers I have found. It really doesn’t matter because if you are in the situation I described in the previous paragraph the details of my case could only lead you from your own right direction. The search is always complex especially if you don’t know what exactly to looking for. But the more valuable discovery!

The view of some video tutorials gave me the direction I intuitively found the right (at least right for me). Further own motion and the first success excited me and still do it. My friend (and she is my strict critic at the same time) confirms my impression: my photography have grown up to the significantly higher level. And now, I’m a little sad just about two things: I haven’t followed my friend’s advice earlier and that there are just 24 hours in the day. 🙂