Life is beautiful

Posted By on Sep 30, 2021

Some people are convinced that life is beautiful, that this is a gift full of wonders. I envy you! You either cheat on yourself, trying not to notice what’s happening around you, hiding in your rainbow soap bubble, or you are pretty lucky! Both cases are lovely! And I do envy you!

I don’t know; maybe at some moment, I have chosen a red pill. Perhaps, it was just like that. About 15 years ago, I was convinced that truth is better than self-cheating because you can do something with facts. And now it’s impossible to get it all back. Because “it never happens that anything goes back to what it used to be”. And I don’t need that, to be honest. As for me, my life has been getting better over the years.

Probably, by the time when I will finally grow my beard (it will be already grey, but that’s just nothing), by that time, it (life, of course, not beard) will become good.

But you know what I have realized during the last several months? (Frankly, I noticed it a long time ago but realized it with all its staggering clarity just now.) The sky is the best creation. It’s perfect. It is infinitely and inexpressibly beautiful, just like the ocean.

Time shall pass, and not even a trace of us will be left behind, not even dust. But the sky and the ocean will. And they will be still perfect.

Denis Churin photographer. Denis Churin fotógrafo

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