Juniper The Dandy

Posted By on Dec 1, 2014


He has always attracted admiring glances of other plants in the forest. Especially when he bloomed and acquired berries later. Although, frankly the matter wasn’t in bloom or berries (moreover he wasn’t lucky with his surname – Common). There just felt the breed in him, the high blood. Besides he knew very well his relatives in the South: next of kin, tall Greek Junipers, and distant ones, Cypresses for example. And that fact has added him a dignity. Moreover, Junipers were very famous for people because they gave their berries for one of the favorite human drinks – gin. That’s why he was so aristocratic and always looked well. May be he was a little snobby, but a little. It never offended anyone. Eventually the ability to make a small talk was very valuable in the forest.