Joe Cocker died last night…

Posted By on Dec 23, 2014

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Probably, I’m just stunned but on the first attached video (it’s a record from Cocker’s live performance about one year ago) I can see the person placed in the heart of raging celebration of life (both on the stage and in the auditorium) and staying at the limit of his forces. The person who was so professionally that he couldn’t spoil people’s joy of meeting with him. Even if the cause in his ailment. But may be he should?..

This unique musician who had unrepeatable vocal like abrasive voice coming out from the very deep of the heart. This person who lived a hard life with weaknesses condemned by a lot of people, but from the other hand with victories couldn’t win by mentioned ones. The singer sung such a plenty of really great songs inspired and saved a huge number of sincere music lovers… May be he should to care about himself?

They said he lived solitarily on his rancho just with his wife. May be he should to save himself for her, for their days together?.. Hard to say. Not for me to judge.

But let us remember him by a good word. Let us remember him as he was on the second video, concert too but recorded in 1988. He was energetic, talented, strong and lived like stretched nerve. And we should remember him just like this.

R.I.P., Joe…

Photo: commons. wikimedia. org