How much processing I do to my interior photographs?

Posted By on Apr 14, 2019

I am periodically asked how much differs a raw file from my camera from the final image I send to a customer? And how much time I spend on post-processing? (The second question often appears when an interested person knows with wonder that shooting itself isn’t even a half of an interior photographer’s work.)

First of all, I’ll reply to the second question: about 60-70% of the total time spent. Why so? There are many reasons. One of them is the task to show the light drawing of interior truly as much as possible simultaneously not sacrificing the beauty of colors especially in cases when the daylight from windows is mixed up with the lights of different artificial light sources such as tungsten or fluorescent lamps, LED-lights of different color temperature and so on. And as an illustration, the photo below which is straight out of the camera, without any processing:

Denis Churin photographer. Фотограф Денис Чурин

Well, what turns out after the thoughtful and laborious processing of the photo? That’s what:

Denis Churin photographer. Фотограф Денис Чурин

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