Hotel interior design photographs

Posted By on Oct 18, 2016

Back in September, I was shooting the interiors of the new mini-hotel New Day rooms. I can say that in addition to my great pleasure shooting and subsequent editing of the photos I got gorgeous result! Sometimes it happens that shooting is not smooth or editing is difficult and despite of the fact that result is excellent, I unwittingly wipe my forehead and take a deep breath at the end. As for this shooting, everything was ease. I even got some regret about finishing such a nice work. 🙂 Moreover, one of my friend said about this photo that it looks like it was taken from some glossy magazine about interiors.

Профессиональная интерьерная фотосъемка в Санкт-Петербурге и области

But time goes fast! By this day, I have already finished two interiors and one product photography orders. But I’ll tell about it a bit later. So now, you can see New Day hotel photographs: Interiors.