Find your vocation and the rest will be great?

Posted By on Jan 20, 2021

I don’t know how about you but as for me, I read many times and heard in many movies that the most important task for a person during his (or her) life is to find a vocation, a mission to complete we come here. That’s some sort of mantra for smart and/or spiritualized humans.

I personally spent the first 25 years of my life searching for my soulmate. I found her (or more correct to say, she found me), and what has happened next? Do our lives immediately became wonderful? Definitely yes for the first several months but then reality showed up again in all its ugliness. We both still had to earn money for a living doing work not interesting for us, creative persons.

Therefore, I pondered what we were missing. At some moment, I had to admit that love is an undoubtedly essential but insufficient thing to be happy. You also have to find a lifetime deed, your vocation. Somehow or other, we spend most part of our lives at work. And if your work only “slowly kills you”, you won’t be happy even being married to a most wonderful person at all.

Obviously, finding your mission in this world is a task that not a bit easier than searching for a soulmate! Also because the goal is not only to find but also to turn this passion into your lifetime deed. Truly, a small amount of people is brave enough to do it. Most of us are just keep it as a hobby. And perhaps it works well for some, I don’t know. But it definitely didn’t work for me.

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And here we came to the thought in the title. Does life become easy and happy, every problem solves by itself, and we only do what we love with great and endless pleasure when we found our mission and turned it into our work? Well, no.

You see, our world nowadays is a place full of problems and people that are more or less creative. And if you think that you only have to do what you love just great, become a master in your sphere, and all the rest will come by itself (money even just to pay your bills, recognition from your colleagues, many fans of your art and so on), you are cruelly mistaken. And I’m sorry about that!

Life doesn’t become much easier when you do what you love. No higher power starts to help you on your way just for your brave to be yourself and your exceptional determination to your deed. Nothing makes by itself, money doesn’t start to fall from the sky. Life keeps the same. Your reward is that you do what you love. Plus, a lot of other accompanying stuff like marketing your art, learning to sell it as a commercial product, make lots of connections, and so forth, the things that you may not really be interested in.

Of course, the mentioned reward is great considering all the things described above. In this case, you have the two most important things in human life – love and vocation. But that’s not a destination! It’s just a transition from an ugly, boring, and winding path to a straight, clear, and interesting road. But there’s no taxi or bus that will drive you to happiness. You still have to go by your feet making decisions every day. But it totally worth it!

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