Posted By on Oct 23, 2021

Finally, something I have been waiting for already five months will happen. Tomorrow.

I think that introverted people (and I am one of them) need some time to be alone. We can love someone more than ourselves, more than our own life (and it really is, that’s not pathetic words), but we still need some time to be alone.

I haven’t had a friend who could understand me as good as I am, and even better at some moments. Until I met my wife. She’s my best and closest friend. And still, I need some time to be alone. (Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why I love to do landscape photography.) But everything’s good without excessive. Even loneliness.

Denis Churin photographer. Denis Churin fotógrafo

For five months, I’ve discussed things important to me (not vital but important), imagining my wife beside me. Since tomorrow, I won’t be looking crazy. Finally.

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