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Posted By on Jun 30, 2022

If you have more or less stayed tuned with the news for the last four months, and you can watch what’s happening “from above”, you definitely noticed that there are only two points of view: one side is an aggressor, the empire of evil and all its people are vicious orcs; and the other side is an innocent victim and all its citizens are saints. Don’t you think that it is too simple?

You can take any moment in the world’s history and try to learn everything about it thoroughly, and you will find out at some moment that all those events had a lot of prerequisites, many things led to it, and, finally, it was all very complicated.

It’s not only about historical events – the same with everything. But people hate complexity and uncertainty. We love everything being simple and clear. We prefer to label every item (event, person, smartphone, movie, song, etc.) with appropriate marks: good, bad, and so-so. To place everything on the relevant shelf. This way of thinking and living is pleasing and calming.

But that’s how we look like ostriches hiding their heads into the sand. (Yes, I know that ostriches don’t do that, it’s just a set phrase.)

The truth is always somewhere in between. Even if you can easily identify the wrong side, that doesn’t mean that everyone from that side is bad and ugly. Moreover, we, ordinary people, can only see what we are allowed to see – the tip of the iceberg. Everything is much more complicated and tangled than we think.

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