Alcohol beverage photo shooting

Posted By on Oct 29, 2019

Some time ago, I and my wife bought a bottle of our favorite alcohol beverage, a port wine. This time, it was Cockburn’s Fine Ruby. Wonderful beverage! Of course, if you know how to drink it correctly. (I mean, not to drink it warm and shot by shot. The opposite, as it should be drunk: with several ice cubes, doing a little sip, relaxing and getting enjoy.)

Plus, I liked its bottle a lot. Already after we finished, I decided to photograph it. Yes, I should have been thought about how to shoot the empty bottle beautifully. And I thought about it several times. Finally, I was ready.

Denis Churin photographer. Фотограф Денис Чурин

Actually, I didn’t want to take an ordinary commercial shot. I wanted to show this bottle in a slight art manner. Honestly, I’m satisfied with the result although I didn’t have the majority of the appropriate equipment. For instance, I had to make a strip diffuser of my usual square softbox and it looked like this:



Nevertheless, again, I like the result!

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