Posted By on Dec 11, 2014


Well, let’s get started!

First of all I would like to beg your pardon about my English. It’s not my native language and despite I have studied it for a long time (and I’m still studying) I’m sure I make some mistakes. So, excuse me. I’ll do my best.

On this page with very ingenious name “blog” 🙂 I suppose to write different notes. The case is what I’m not interested in writing about myself or my life. And I think you will hardly interested in reading it because I’m not a some kind of celebrity! 🙂

Therefore, the texts I’m going to lay out here can be contingently sorted in several groups:
1) articles about music and/or musicians with attached audio or video to hear or to watch;
2) notes about various appearances of life… I guess better to say my thoughts about these appearances (for example about love, about patriotism, about belief etc.);
3) articles about different interesting things (for example what could mean words “Et in Arcadia ego”);
4) may be a couple of articles about my favorite photographers;
5) and probably I’ll write some news about my life or activity if I think it’ll be important or interesting for visitors 🙂

There will be no sorting of the articles in fact. I will just write subheadings for each one.

Hope I interested you in 🙂

See you!

Photo by Denis Churin (C)